5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Transport to the Airport

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Transport to the Airport (1)

Are you taking a trip and need to book transport to the airport? Scheduling airport transportation seems straightforward, but certain mistakes can ruin your trip or your budget. Keep reading to discover the five most common mistakes people make while booking a ride to the airport and how to avoid them.

1. Booking Last Minute

Even if you’re taking one of the airport shuttles that run on a regular schedule, book ahead to confirm they have a spot for you. Group shuttles have a capacity, and if you plan to just show up, you may have to wait and miss your flight.

Booking ahead also allows time for the following best practices.

Researching Company Reputation

When you plan ahead, you can research different transportation companies, read their reviews, and choose the best fit for you. When you call last minute, you might end up using the company no one else wants.

Find a Competitive Price

When you book last minute, you miss out on any special rates or coupons the company offers. While calling at the last minute might seem like a convenience, it’s one you’ll pay for. Book ahead and save that money for souvenirs or drinks on your vacation!

Avoid Holiday Fill Ups

Holidays are the most popular time to travel and everyone competes for limited transportation. If you book your ride last minute, you can confidently assume many other people are as well. To ensure you grab a spot, book well in advance!

2. Coordinating Alone

If you’re traveling in a foreign country, don’t try booking transportation yourself. Work with a travel agent to verify you schedule the right times, highest quality transportation, and receive the best prices.

Foreign transport companies often try to charge unwitting travelers up to double their normal rate. Working with an agent who knows the best companies and standard prices mitigates the chance you’ll fall for a scam.

3. Miscalculated the Time You Need

Between travel time, going through TSA or customs, and any pit stops you desire, many find it easy to miscalculate how much time they need to reach their gate. Arrive at least two hours early for a domestic flight and three hours early for an international one. Factor in the travel time to the airport and schedule your service to arrive accordingly.

Don’t assume the stars will align and you only need to arrive an hour early. If you have extra time, you can pick up a good book or lounge in an airport restaurant to pass the time.

4. Choosing the Wrong Transfer

When you book transport to the airport, choose the type of transportation that’s right for you.


Taxis offer a flexible last-minute option if you make the most common mistake and forget to book ahead. However, you never know the quality of your driver, and it’s your most expensive option.

Ride Share

Ride shares are an economical alternative to taxis and they’re easy to book ahead. However, the quality of drivers is even more variable than a taxi service, and if it’s peak hours, you’ll pay more.


Shuttle services are extremely affordable, but usually run on a set schedule and require you to share the ride with complete strangers. They’re often crowded, and if they get behind schedule, they can’t catch up, making everyone else late.

Private Car

A private shuttle service is a perfect balance between affordability, convenience, and comfort. They’re easy to schedule in advance and you can choose the type of car you need based on your amount of luggage and number of travelers. If you’re traveling alone, it’s the perfect chance to relax and prepare for your trip.

While you’ll pay more than a ride share or shuttle, the total cost is often less than a taxi and you’re guaranteed a luxurious ride and well-trained, professional driver.

5. Not Checking for Hidden Fees

When you book transportation yourself, especially in a foreign country, always check for hidden fees. To avoid hidden add-ons, read the fine print, ask for an itemized list of costs, verify the company’s reputation, and book in advance. Here are the most common types.

  • Booking fee
  • Credit card fee
  • Passenger fee
  • Baggage fee
  • Toll fee

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