Effortlessly Navigate From Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point With Premium Car Service

Effortlessly Navigate From Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point With Premium Car Service

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, is America’s second oldest such park. Its 17 huge roller coasters are the biggest attractions in Cedar Point. However, there’s more to explore nearby, making it worthwhile for a short vacation either alone or with family.

Lake Erie’s Sandusky Bay, the charming Frontier Town, the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, and the magnificent local accommodations bring millions of visitors annually. Tourists and locals alike appreciate the rich and vibrant culture the area offers.

Can’t pick from the various transportation options from Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point? Choose a car service at Cleveland Airport to enjoy a seamless experience. Read on to learn why hiring a premium car service is a great idea.

Why You Should Use a Premium Car Service From Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point

Most people coming to Cedar Point by air from other cities across the country choose Cleveland Hopkins International Airport as their arrival destination. It’s the closest to the park, and there are several transportation options for the last leg of the trip.

However, most savvy travelers choose a car service for the following reasons.

Shorter Travel Time

You can travel from Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point via the subway or the Line 22 bus. However, expect a travel time of at least three hours (almost four if you travel by bus). On the other hand, choosing a car service brings your travel time down to an hour.

You know what to do if you don’t want to wait hours to unpack your bags and get your heart racing on one of the monstrous roller coasters.

Avoid Extra Expenses

Every dollar counts while at Cedar Point! Hiring a private car service means avoiding parking fees, fuel buying, and other miscellaneous costs. You’ll know exactly how much the trip from Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point will cost even before you leave home.

As a result, you can stick to your budget and put away more money for roller coaster rides or exploring the other attractions in the Cedar Point area.

Travel Safely

Your safety should be your top priority when traveling to a new destination. Cedar Point is no different. Meandering through crowds to get on the train or bus exposes you to more risk than going from the arrival section to a chauffeur-driven vehicle already waiting for you.

Similarly, renting a car may seem like a good alternative, but your lack of experience driving in the area could put everyone in the vehicle at risk.

Going directly from the airport to a vehicle with a highly experienced driver behind the wheel is the surest way to stay safe during the trip.

Travel in Complete Comfort

When choosing a premium car service for the trip from Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point, you can decide what vehicle you’d like to travel in based on your circumstances.

Are you traveling alone? Choose a comfortable sedan. Do you have your family on the trip and several bags? Go with an SUV or a Mercedes Sprinter. You may not have these options with other transportation alternatives.

Less Paperwork

The minutes after you get off the plane at the Cleveland Airport should be about claiming your luggage, heading to the transfer vehicle, and relaxing as you complete the final lap of the trip to Cedar Point.

It’s not the time to stand in line for a car rental or wait for a rideshare vehicle. Choosing a car service ahead of time reduces the risk of being late to wherever you need to be.

Get Help With Your Baggage

If you’ve ever traveled with more than a backpack, you’ll agree that baggage transfers can be a drain, especially if you choose public travel options. The experience is even worse if you travel with family (multiple bags!).

When you hire a premium car service, the driver will help you move your luggage to the car. Even better, the travel distance with the baggage before reaching your transfer vehicle shortens significantly.

Contact Cleveland Elite Transportation for Premium Car Service

Do you have a trip to Cedar Point coming up? Turn to Cleveland Elite Transportation for premium shuttle services. We have extensive experience providing transportation from Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point for individuals and groups.

Choose from our fleet when going to Cedar Point or booking transportation to the airport to experience true comfort. Are you ready to get started? Call Cleveland Elite Transportation at 216-333-2833 today.

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