Cleveland Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs

Cleveland Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs

A Cleveland airport pick-up and drop-off do not need to be frustrating. 

An extensive airport layout sometimes makes getting from point A to B confusing. Luckily, passengers can enjoy several tips on how to simplify their experience.

Professional drivers at Cleveland Elite Transportation answer questions on what to expect from the Cleveland airport. Read on to learn how to maneuver the chaotic environment.

Does Cleveland Have More Than One Airport?

Cleveland has two notable airports: Cleveland Burke Lakefront and Cleveland Hopkins International. The environment of both airports tends to be hectic year-round. Knowing which airport you will use will significantly help your ease of travel and reduce the overall stress of your trip.

Cleveland is a central hub for international and domestic flights. The location attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Unfortunately, this means traffic activity on the roads around the airports can be messy.

It is best to have a reliable transportation option available before you arrive. Due to the high volume of traffic in the area, finding conventional rideshares or rental cars can be a hassle.

What Is the Name of the Main Airport in Cleveland?

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is the primary air traffic node in the city. This location hosts dozens of airlines and terminals with thousands of fliers every day.

These features make it one of the nation’s most notable pick-up and drop-off airports in the region. The midwestern location makes this Cleveland airport pick-up location ideal for commuting to and from the surrounding area.

Why Is Cleveland Airport Named Hopkins?

The Cleveland City Council named the airport in 1951 after William Hopkins. He was responsible for the push to integrate the area into a large airport. Hopkins intended to accommodate the ever-increasing volume of passengers coming into the city.

He succeeded in formulating a network of airport terminals and roads that became one of the most popular international airports in the United States.

How Big Is Cleveland Airport?

The Cleveland airport is a sprawling 1,717 acres of interconnected installations and roads. The infrastructure has three active runways and maintains other crew and aircraft maintenance facilities. Due to its large size, several on-site buses and metros transport passengers to their designated terminals.

This ground transportation includes the Cleveland Rapid Transit system. The airport also utilizes over 100 taxis to assist passengers. Despite the transit network that Hopkins International provides, the bustling nature of Cleveland airport pick-up requires many individuals to seek other options. Or perhaps they appreciate a private transfer’s comfort, luxury, and ease.

What Other Transportation Options Are Available?

Several affordable third-party options are available, depending on the service you may need.

Rental cars are a popular choice for many families arriving in Cleveland. Passengers can find a consolidated rental car location off property, to which a bus can transport them. Unfortunately, this can be tedious if you are in a rush.

Many individuals take advantage of rideshare options such as Uber and Lyft. These solutions are acceptable for some locations, but the traffic in and around the airport can make for long wait times. These services can also cost much more during “surge hours,” meaning you pay more for transportation.

Black car services are an excellent way to receive private and professional transportation at Hopkins International. These luxury experiences help passengers relax while navigating the busy city after a long flight. Drivers are punctual and professional, so you know you will always be on schedule.

What Should You Know When Scheduling a Pick-Up & Drop-Off?

One of the most important things to do is give your driver the appropriate contact information to make pick-up and drop-off simple. You will likely receive a confirmation number, which you should have on hand to avoid confusion. Even when most professional drivers are familiar with the location, ensure they know which spot to pick you up or drop you off.

Plan to leave early to avoid missing your flight due to traffic or other security gate delays. Following these tips will prevent hassle and worry as you get to your next location.

Ride in Style With Cleveland Elite Transportation

Cleveland Elite Transportation is the premier service for your transportation needs in and around Hopkins International. We practice safe and professional driving to ensure you get to your location safely and stress-free.

Our airport transportation service is punctual and clean. You can also enhance your experience with our limo and black car services.

Avoid a hectic Cleveland airport pick-up by contacting us today. Book your ride now by calling us at 216-800-5587.

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