Places to See with Elite Car Service in Cleveland OH

places to see with elite car service in cleveland oh

Cleveland, OH is a city with many different activities to be enjoyed, particularly when being driven around by a car service. Wine tasting, breweries, sporting events, special landmarks, and museums are some of the most enjoyed attractions. Although it is certainly possible to get around the city in one’s own vehicle, why not take advantage of Cleveland Elite Transportation and be chauffeured and enjoy the city all that much more. Sit back and relax while a chauffeur guides you through the city to all the finest destinations to be enjoyed. Cleveland Elite Transportation can handle a romantic outing for two or can also oblige larger groups. The fleet of vehicles available ranges from a 2019 Yukon Denali XL, a 2021 GMC Yukon XL SLT, as well as a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter. With many different vehicle options, most will find a suitable vehicle for their desired car service.

Take a Break from Adulting with Elite Car Service

Driving around in a city that is unknown can feel challenging. Cleveland Elite Transportation has knowledgeable chauffeurs who know the layout of the city and also can recommend great places to enjoy. Many visitors to the city go on a wine tasting tour or brewery tour and partake in the tasting of many fine beverages. There is probably no better instance to hire a car service, as having a chauffeur will keep all safe. Enjoy time at a number of different wine and beer establishments, however, try to stop by the Great Lakes Brewing Company, as it is a favorite. While visiting the establishment, be certain to look for the famous bullet hole in the bar, which was left by a famous crime fighter, during prohibition. Ohio features over 150 wineries that produce over 1.1 million gallons of wine per year. Cleveland Elite Transportation can provide a comfortable ride for a group of people in a Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter has ample headroom and legroom for all riding inside, making for a comfortable ride.

Adrenaline Rush Worth a Crazy Ride

Some folks enjoy an adrenaline rush and there is no place better to go than Cedar Point. Cedar Point is a world-famous amusement park featuring incredible ride choices. When hiring a chauffeur from a car service, you can be driven to the front gate and after the park has been enjoyed, the chauffeur will arrive to whisk you away to the next destination. Cedar Point features rides for all ages and appetites. There are 17 world-class rollercoasters within the park, which truly makes the park a destination for a full day of fun. A water park is also available as an option for excitement, so be sure to check into Cedar Point Shores for more information. The water park is right next door to Cedar Point, making it just a few steps away. Both Cedar Park and Cedar Point Shores can be enjoyed on the same day.

Rock & Roll for All Ages

No trip to Cleveland, OH is complete until The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is visited. Cleveland truly does rock and there are many items within The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that can only be seen at the establishment. Throughout the museum items from past and living rock stars can be found. Lyrics, clothing, instruments, and other items can all be gazed upon during a visit. The boy scout uniform of Jim Morrison, a motorcycle that belonged to Elvis, as well as the white sequined glove worn by Michael Jackson are just a few of the items that must be viewed within The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. After enjoying The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, ask your chauffeur to get you to one of the many concerts featured in the city. The best part about having a chauffeur is they will get passengers to and from all different locations safely and comfortably. There are massive concerts as well as smaller local clubs to be enjoyed and don’t be hesitant to ask your Cleveland Elite Transportation chauffeur for their recommendations.

While visiting Cleveland, be sure to take the time to visit A Christmas Story House, which was featured in the film. The home can be found in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood. Don’t worry if you don’t know the area, because chauffeurs understand all the nooks and crannies of the area and will deliver passengers to the front door of this attraction. The home can be viewed from the exterior and also can be viewed on the interior. Every little detail has been added to the interior to match the home to the way it was in the movie.

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