Effortlessly Navigate From Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point With Premium Car Service

Effortlessly Navigate From Cleveland Airport to Cedar Point With Premium Car Service

Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, is America’s second oldest such park. Its 17 huge roller coasters are the biggest attractions in Cedar Point. However, there’s more to explore nearby, making it worthwhile for a short vacation either alone or with family. Lake Erie’s Sandusky Bay, the charming Frontier Town, the Cedar Point Shores […]

Why Hire a Private Car Service Instead of Driving to Cleveland Airport?

Are you planning a drive to Cleveland Airport, but you’re worrying about traffic, parking, or getting lost? Have you considered hiring a convenient car service at Cleveland Ohio Airport rather than driving yourself? If you want a stress-free ride that respects your comfort, wallet, and schedule, a professional driving service could be just the solution. […]

How Early Should You Get to Cleveland Airport?

Regardless of how many times you’ve completed a flight, it’s always hard to shake off that anxiety that comes with air travel. There’s always that lingering fear that something will go wrong, whether it’s your airport transportation company failing to show up on schedule or a ticketing mishap. You can avoid the first problem by making sure […]

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Transport to the Airport

Are you taking a trip and need to book transport to the airport? Scheduling airport transportation seems straightforward, but certain mistakes can ruin your trip or your budget. Keep reading to discover the five most common mistakes people make while booking a ride to the airport and how to avoid them. 1. Booking Last Minute Even if […]

8 Tips for an Early and Hassle-Free Arrival to the Airport

Are you dreading the day of your flight? Make your arrival to the airport smoother than ever with these eight insider tips. Call us today to book a private car.

A lot of people stress about getting through airports and being on time for their flights, but some early preparation and helpful knowledge can make the process so much smoother.  With these tips for a stress-free arrival to the airport, including packing strategies, using online services, and booking an airport transportation service, you can forget about […]

Guide To Finding The Best Airport Transport Service

Guide To Finding The Best Airport Transport Service

In need of transportation to and from the airport to catch your flight? Do you have clients flying into town who require a ride to their resort or your office? If this is the case, consider hiring an airport transportation service that guarantees safety and quickness. Getting a reliable airport transport service may be daunting. […]

Cleveland Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs

Cleveland Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs

A Cleveland airport pick-up and drop-off do not need to be frustrating.  An extensive airport layout sometimes makes getting from point A to B confusing. Luckily, passengers can enjoy several tips on how to simplify their experience. Professional drivers at Cleveland Elite Transportation answer questions on what to expect from the Cleveland airport. Read on […]

Benefits of Booking Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation To and From The Airport

When you’re planning on departing or arriving at the airport for an upcoming trip, you may need transportation to or from the hotel. Reliable transportation is necessary and can accommodate your busy schedule. If you’re considering booking airport transportation, there are a few benefits to consider to ensure you can take advantage of the service. […]